About SB-SIX

A few collabs I did with friends and other artists, enjoy :)

SB-SIX turned 2 today!

SB-SIX turned 2 today!

Supported by the beautiful voice of Emmi Hiivola, this enchanted trip-hop song is my latest project.
Original songtext is from Incubus. Enjoy!

I just finished a new project! You like groovey, classic house? Please check it out and let me know what you think of it!

Deephouse track made by SB-SIX
All synth sounds are analog (DSI Tempest mainly)

A collab between FREnchfire and me. It was great fun working with this awesome producer. Very proud of the result, hope we can work together on some projects in the future.

Artwork by kidmilk http://kidmilk.tumblr.com/

Track by SB-SIX
Contact me at sbsix.music@gmail.com